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How does safety work?

Every activity has specific safety procedures. All of our staff is CPR and First Aid Certified. A paramedic and lifeguard is present throughout the activities and we have on-location emergency service contacts for each location.  Before an activity takes place, we visit the location in order to be as informed and updated on procedures and conditions.


How are participants grouped?

Participants are grouped by age what makes participants feel comfortable doing their activities withe their peers.  The  counselor/camper ratio is: 1:7. Groups run with counselors of the same gender. In dorms, each group shares space with particpants and counselors of their respective gender and ages.


Is experience required?

Participants don’t need to have previous experience, nor there is a language requirement. They will receive all the equipment and basic instruction by their leaders and guides, and will receive spanish lessons and vocabulary.


How do I physically prepare for camp?

You don’t need physical preparation prior to participating in our expeditions. However, you might want to have an average physical condition. Our trips are designed with the beginner camper in mind.

Information about allergies, special diets or conditions must be provided by the campers’ parents.



*If you have any trouble viewing our FAQ's, please send us an email to compassteencamp@gmail.com to send you the complete FAQ's.


Camp experience is a great growth experience, specially for first time campers and parents.


Even more if the experience is far from home. At Compass Teen Camp we want to make sure that our campers get the most out of their experience.

In this page we aim to answer as many questions as possible to ease concerns before campers arrive. Please, feel free to contact us if you have doubts about any other aspect of the camp experience.


Compass is all about:

- Language and Culture Immersion

- Exploration

- Adventure

- Aquatics

- Leadership Development

- Community Service

- Challenge

-Team Building


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