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Puerto Rico, USA


Who are the leaders?

Our leaders are experienced, qualified and competent adults who receive training in First Aid, CPR, and Trip Leadership. For more technical activities like diving and sailing we hire additional instructors who are experts in their field.


Where do we sleep?

Most of the time we stay in hotels, local paradores and cabins at national parks campgrounds.


What do we eat?

The camp menu includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Depending on the expeditions we might eat at local restaurants, and sometimes we will work in groups by cabins to cook our own meals (when kitchens are available). Materials will be provided by the camp. Information about allergies, special diets or conditions must be provided by the campers’ parents.


What should I bring? The following checklist is recommended:

Sleeping bag


Sun protection

Personal hygiene items

Clothes (warm clothes, cool clothes, waterproof equipment, boots,  

      flip-flops or similar shoes for the shower block,

      beachwear, hats, comfortable footwear, tennis shoes).

Mobile phone, mobile phone charger, voltage converter (for non U.S. residents)


Spare batteries

Insect repellent and anti-itch cream



Special medications


Beach equipment (swimming suit, beach towels)




How much spending money will I need?

It will depend upon your individual spending habits. We suggest about $50 to $80 per week for snacks and souvenirs. You might bring an ATM card (U.S. currency and major credit cards are used in Puerto Rico). These can be used at ATM’s (cash dispensers), stores and restaurants. Tip: use a money belt or neck wallet under your shirt to hold your extra cash.

What about showers & laundry?

Every place where we lodge will have bathroom and shower facilities, including the national parks’ campgrounds. We will do laundry every weekend at nearby Laundromats. Campers must have enough quarters to do their laundry.

Will I be able to keep in touch with family and friends?

There will be opportunities to make phone calls between activities. Participants should bring their mobile phones and chargers.


How do I get around?

We travel between activities in passenger vans and/or air conditioned buses.

Do I have to carry all of my stuff with me?

For each activity your instructors will work with you to pack what you need.  The rest of your belongings will be safe in your room.