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Puerto Rico, USA


What better way to learn from a place than being fully immersed in its culture, food, music, activities, among others. At Compass, all the activities are designed to introduce participants to our culture. As they have a lunch at one of our local restaurants, they will select a local dish, and they will receive information about the local dish and its history.


As we visit local museums they will get to know about the Caribbean History that characterizes us and our art.


As we go to a music presentation, they will be able to speak with our local mucisians, see our typical instrucments, and its history.


At every moment they will be interacting, and practicing spanish.


All our community service activities are coordinated together with different local non profit organizations. We follow strict security measure to ensure the secutiry of all our participants as well as the people we are serving.


Our participants receive a Certificate of Compliance, for the total hours they spend serving, at the end of the program. This Certificate can be used in school or for other purposes.


Our experience is that each of our participants continue doing community service when they get back home, having a wonderful experience to share with other, primarly because  they have been impacted for life.