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Puerto Rico, USA


Evening activities start at 8:00pm and run until about 10:00pm, after which campers have a snack and finally return to their rooms to get ready for bed. Lights out is at 11:00pm.


During the weekends, participants have the opportunity to do laundry. They also have time to rest and contact their family and friends. They will also have occasional evening meetings. These meetings have the purpose of providing a space for participants to interact with their leaders about their experiences and what have they learned.


Spanish lessons will be conversationally focused. They will receive short lessons during the week, but the most important part is that during all their session Spanish will be learned throughout all the activities. Participants will interact with local participants and local instructors. They will be exposed to Spanish continuously and will be part of dynamics led to practice the language.


Each year Compass integrates new activities and brings the opportunity for participants to come back and share with old friends or bring and meet new friends.