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Puerto Rico, USA


Through immersion

If you live it, you will learn it. That's our program phylosophy.


How does it works?

At Compass, we addecuate the program, themes, excursions, activities, volunteering, culture and history approach to the participants spanish level, needs and goals. Whether it is no spanish knowledge at all, a basic level (a year or less of spanish), an intermediate (one to two years of spanish), advanced (three years of spanish) or a fluent level (more than three years of spanish).


As participants complete their application, they will indicate their spanish level. This information is used to design the program from begining to end.


Every day participants will receive new vocabulary and conversational skills. As they move to their activities, they will be constantly participating of directed dynamics to apply new vocabulary through conversation.

Our participants will:


*Benefit of practicing a new language in a spanish speaking setting.

*Attain a close conversational and cultural understanding while developing skills for a positive interaction with spanish speaking people.

*Develop cultural awareness and sensibility.

*Increase job opportunities by having a secong language skill.

*Develop mental flexibility in thinking throuh problem solving, conceptualizing and reazoning in other language.

*Gain confidence and ability as they apply their new language skills to everyday situations by daily interaction with locals.

*Learn through practice and continuous communication thanks to our fully immersive program.

Why Spanish with Compass?


- Our immersive approach combines a custom designed program, relevant travel adventures, and engagement with locals to put day lessons and vocabulary to work at every moment, for a progress they can see within a short time.

- Our program pairs you with local students which allows you to practice your spanish skills and provides a friendly intercultural exchange, and a great learning experience.

- Listening and speaking are combined in a meaningful way with the rest of the activities.

- Communicative approach, very immersive, emphasizes speaking and conversation.

- All program is taught fully in spanish.  

Learning or improving spanish at Compass means actively experiencing and using the language in pairs. Which provides them with continous enjoyable and informal opportunities to try out what they have been learning.